Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long is the hire?

Generally, the hire price will be for the length of the event. Alternatively, if you require longer let us know and we will make suitable arrangements.

How much is delivery?

This is included in your overall quote and will vary depending on your location.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We are always available, feel free to email, call or drop us a WhatsApp message!

How does payment work?

We use cash, bank transfer or Paypal. We require a 25% deposit upon securing your booking. Your 25% deposit will be given back to you in cash once we collect the items.

We require full payment 48 hours before the event.

What is the deposit for?

The deposit is to secure your booking and your item.

It is also used to protect our items. If there are any damages to the items on collection we will use the deposit to fix them.

We will also take the deposit if you decide to cancel last minute as we could potentially lose out on other bookings because of this.

What items do you have?

We create anything from flower swings, flower walls, flower bicycles and more.

Do you sell your items?

Yes, we are able to make bespoke items and sell them to you for a more permanent floral look.